I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for many years resulting insevere muscle tightness in my shoulder, back -- and constant hipmisalignment.

Vicki’s knowledge and expertise in therapeutic massage is brilliant.  She isprofessional, calm, attentive and very intuitive -- and has a true gift forspotting problem muscles -- applying the right technique, and perfectpressure to release the knots and relieve the pain.  Her touch is firm, butGENTLE -- and her myo-fascial, nervous system releases and lymph drainagetherapy are outstanding.

Many thanks, Vicki for helping me understand what’s going on with my musclesand joints -- and identify the causes of my knots and aches.

-- Agnes C, Vancouver, BC

Vickie Hall is a miracle worker! Her skill is both subtle and profound. I might even say that it is a bit mysterious. It is no wonder that people keep coming back to her year after year. I have referred several dancers and professional martial artists to her over the years. None have been disappointed, and they keep going back for more.

I live in Ontario now. But whenever I go to Vancouver, even if it is just for a couple of days, I will always try to book an appointment with Vickie.

- Ian Sinclair, tai chi, qigong, and kungfu instructor